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Canadian Freelance News
A free ezine, emphasizing writing and photography. Here's their page of Canadian writer links.
Copyediting-L Mailing List
CE-L is a big mailing list devoted to copyediting, with some business discussions on the side. List members can put themselves on a freelancer list that is available to publishers. "Join the list" (i.e., subscribe) is a link on the archives page. There's also an attached chat list, Copyediting-L-off-list (CEL-O) that you can join.
Design & Publishing
On Topica. Not a busy list, but you could change that.
This is a public list over on Yahoo Groups for writers.
List for freelance professional SF, fantasy, and CG artists.
IndexStudents Mailing List
Dan Connolly's discussion list for USDA indexing course students. Check out his site for the nice FAQ.
Index-L Mailing List and other lists
This is the ASI page for mailing lists. You probably can find one here that covers whatever aspect of indexing you're interested in.
The Electric Editors (UK)
Home of the EDline (editorial discussions), LANGline (foreign languages), and Grapevine (computer-related topics) mailing lists. Plus Word and WordPerfect macros (lots of them) for editors, and tons of useful links. Check out this site.
McEdit Mailing List
Yahoo Groups, Chuck's list for Mac-using editors interested in chatting with the like-minded. For more information, email the list's moderators.
Medical Writing
Willa MacAllen's list for medical writers, editors, and such.
NASW-freelance and NASW-jobs
National Association of Science Writers mailing lists.
Gloria Hamilton's list for freelancers of all kinds in the Philadelpha area.
TECHWR-L Mailing List
Big discussion list for technical writers and editors.
Topica is a free mailing list server, and this link goes straight to their Business/Publishing classification for yet more mailing lists devoted to everyone's favorite subject.
Translators are not lacking in choices:
Links for Translators
Yet more links for translators.
Work for Writers Mailing List
Francine Modderno's list "for professional writers, staff or freelance, to find job leads, share information on job searches, writing contacts, contracts, writers' organizations, etc. It's also for employers to post jobs for print, screen and tv writers, journalists, editors, book indexers, etc."

But wait, there's more. This is a list of lists provided by Bill Blinn of Copyediting-L: click me!

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