Update, 11/21/02

Everyone, please read.

I apologize to the subscribers of Freelance mailing list and to L-Soft for having misunderstood our situation and the company and its employees. I am sorry to have inconvenienced everyone, and request that subscribers no longer continue to send the company e-mail about this matter.

L-Soft has graciously examined our situation, and has offered to move the list to their donated lists server. They intend to overlook the charges to date for operating the list on their server. I am very grateful for their promptness in looking into our situation.

Kate has told me that she is willing to e-mail their representative to discuss the matter further.

Please, please don't send me money, y'all. It wasn't and isn't necessary. But thanks so much for the thought; I know that it's not been a good year for many of you and you can't toss cash about in that manner. So the thought's doubly touching. Everyone's support has been overwhelming. I don't have any idea what to say except thank you.